It is true that the world is still on a pandemic but hat never stops fashion, whether it’s a scarf, a belt or just some pajamas, this article will inform you about the latest trends in 2021, 

The most current fashion trends are those that feel easy to wear but still look as though you made just enough effort to do whatever it is you do during these rough days.  Whether that’s daily Zoom meetings and a few essential errands, the occasional safe outdoor dinner, weekend park outings, or in-person work, we all could use clothing that makes us feel a distinct sense of ease and comfort. 

Here are the top 5 women fashion trends in 2021: 


  1. Wide-Leg Pants: 

Everything old is coming back to life this year, and that is the case with our favorite trend in 2021 wide leg pants, from denim to more flowy fabric, abstract to floral prints, and even nude colors, this 70s trend is back in business, a nice dinner, an afternoon picnic, or just a date night with the girls, this is your go to choose of pants this year. 

Stylists recommend balancing out the wide silhouette with a fitted top like a cool tank. If your pants are printed, opt for a solid, bright option with details like lace or cutouts. 


  1. Cropped cropped cropped! 

Cropped cardigan sweaters are having quite a moment. Brands like Etro, Vince, and Ottolinger are already betting they will be on our radars throughout 2021, this years’ trend is cropped everything! Cropped sweaters, cropped shirts, cropped hoodies, and even cropped denim jackets, it’s cropped everywhere. 

Stylists recommend wearing cropped cardigans with a cropped shirt underneath, or a medium dress length, and cropped shirts with flowy and more bagged bottoms. 

  1. Leather pants: 

We all have seen that one episode of friends where ross tried to be trendy and edgy and wore those leather pants right, well this year leather pants are back baby, pivot! 

Stylists recommend wearing them with a simple non printed top with solid colors. 

  1. Flowy layered look: 

For this year, flowy layered looks are trending, due to the current situation with the pandemic and people getting used to staying home and wearing comfortable and flowy cloths, layering them is not a bad idea. 

Stylist recommend wearing similar colors top and bottom, and avoiding packed prints, the simpler the better. 

  1. Solid colors dresses: 

Since it’s been a hectic year, wearing solid colors can bring comfort and peace, and for these years” top women trend solid color dresses are the go-to, 

Whether its for a date or a casual night out, this choice will never fail you. 

Stylists recommend you wear a bold shoes choice to compliment the dress.